Strengthening the Primary Health System in the Region of Afar

Completed project


In Ethiopia we collaborate with the NGO for Development Friends of Silva. Working to guarantee access to the health system for the entire population, and to improve the primary health system of the region of Afar, the most impoverished region of the country; and in the region of Asayta, to refurbish the health centre, and adapt and construct a district hospital.

A nutrition programme is to be implemented to address the chronic malnutrition in a primarily nomadic region, where it rains annually only ten days +/- a year. Additionally there will be a homecare programme for immobile patients.

It is desirable to provide the region with a second pharmacy to supply medicines to poverty stricken people. Within the same health centre, the delivery room of Dupti Hospital will be refurbished and updated, with the objective of reducing deaths and preventing the mother-child HIV transmission.

A reduction in the frequency of female genital mutilation will be promoted. Professional training courses for health personnel and general health courses for the general public will be promoted as well.

And finally, the refurbishment of the building for those nurses who have tuberculosis and/or are HIV positive.