The Improvement of Organic Coffee Yield and Production for the Sustainability of the Indigenous Community

Completed project


In Colombia we embarked together with Fundeso on a three-year project, the objective of which is the improvement of the organic coffee yield and production for the sustainability of the Paez indigenous community.

The global objective of the project is to significantly improve the living conditions of the Paez indigenous people (80% of whom live in poverty and vulnerability) by securing the economic, social and environmental sustainability of organic coffee growing indigenous families.

The project’s aim is to strengthen their abilities through training in administrative management, production, and marketing; to improve organic production with self-produced organic fertilizers; and adequate marketing of certified organic coffee, to stabilise the annual production volume, increase their income, strengthen their social structure, and to reach sustainable development.

Certified organic coffee production and fair trade will place the small farmers’ product in a prominent position in the international market.

The direct beneficiaries are 500 indigenous families – 2,500 people – and the indirect beneficiaries of this project are 700 families.