Crianças a Escola

Current project


The Programme’s aim is to provide schools in coffee-farming regions with a classroom equipped with 10 computers and auxiliary equipment such as, desks, chairs and books, TVs, cables and DVDs; and to train school staff in the use of computers. Once the lessons begin, a psycho-educationalist monitors the use of computers in the school, ensuring that they are used throughout the whole study plan, and that they are accessible to the community. The objective is to involve adults and children in the digital world – not only offering them solidarity but also knowledge and professional development. This gives the company an opportunity to implement the ideas and plans that they have been considering.

Cecafé, the Brazilian Coffee Exporters’ Council, and its members, who represent 80% of the country’s coffee exports, are seriously involved in the project Criança na Escola do Café (Children at School). This project is already established in six coffee producing states: Minas Gerais, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Espirito Santo, Bahia and Parana.

Cecafe’s objective is twofold: to give children an opportunity by keeping them at school, and that coffee producers contribute to sustainability and improved quality of green coffee in Brazil.

The project has been implemented in 82 state schools, with more than 25,000 children and youths becoming involved in the digital world, and so offering them not only solidarity but also knowledge and professional development. In 2008 Café Mundi’s contribution was used for project maintenance, which included buying books and solving technical problems. The aim for 2009 is to establish 20 digital classrooms.


Crianças a EscolaCrianças a EscolaCrianças a Escola